Axem Blue

Axem Blue Normal stance

Axem Blue was originally created by Smithy along with the other Axem Rangers. Axem Blue was the bestTechnician and could think of many strategies that could had helped Smithy defeat Mario but Blue being what he was, was only ignored. and to make things worse his own teammates the other Axem Rangers ignored his strategies just like Smithy had done Blue had was almost completely destroyed when the factory shook from Smithy's anger from being unable to defeat Mario and his allies.

The rebuilding of BlueEdit

What was left of Axem Blue had appeared in the Dark World some how and on that same day Vaati was walking around until he spotted Blue's remains. Upon inspection Vaati decided to bring it to his workshop of course in those days Vaati was never bothered due to most people fearing the curse of the Dark World. Vaati worked day and night though in the Dark World it was very difficult to tell time for it was always dawn in the Dark World, anyways after many days had passed Blue was almost most finished all he needed was some magic power which allowed him to both remain active and cast spells.

After many years after Smithy tried to take over the world again. Blue was able to survive but his language chip became faulty along with a few other things but all of these malfunctions made him into a cool machine... from his opinion at least.

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