Celene Entria, more commonly known as Cel, is one of Tayl's Alts. She serves as the leader of the Oress Plot.

Cel's current appearance.

Basic Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Hair Color ~ Pink
  • Eye Color ~ Pink
  • Favorite Color ~ Pink {obviously}
  • Age ~ 16-18
  • Color Scheme ~ She tends to wear mostly pink and purple, green and yellow occasionally pop up in accessories and linings.
  • Trademark ~ Her headphones, which are rarely on.
  • Oress ~ Entria

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cel tends to be the tiny little light in a dark room; while she tends to be nervous a lot, she always has a sliver of optimism. At times she's a regular party animal, sometimes she's like she's on a sugar high, and other times she takes on a motherly and mature personality. She tends to be easy to get along with, since she's had experiences that many types of people can relate to. However, through her peppy mask lies a confused soul. Being leader, she tends to make a lot of decisions that make her wonder if she did everything right. But she doesn't want to bother anyone, so she keeps quiet about her troubles.

Importance[edit | edit source]

Celene is the leader of the Oress, but she doesn't necessarily like her position. She's supposed to watch over the Castle and make decisions for the others, along with handing out all of the Oress. But, other than that, she really doesn't have much significance in the lives of others. Except that she makes an insanely delicious strawberry sammich.

Origination[edit | edit source]

Cel's old look.

One night in OT, a bunch of quizzes popped up. Tayl gathered all of her results together into one character, and used the "What's Your Funky Inner Hair Color?" Pink Hair result picture to create Cel. The idea of incorporating her into the Oress Plot was from the ashes of the recently fallen Star Orb Plot.

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