Here are some of the phrases that are commonly used on Digibutter, and their meanings:


ATTN: A shortened version of attention.

Awesomesauce: Used to describe something extremely awesome.

Bandwidths: Fantasy creatures thought up by Francis. Basically a personification of internet bandwidth, which resembles a Pikmin. It has 2 Tippi resembling wings and a mini-earth replacing the usual leaf/bud/flower.

Ben: A corrupted version of ban. Created by Mama Luigi.

Benned: Past tense of ben.

Bork'd: Corrupted version of broke.

C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!: Usually posted to disrupt a series or streak of posts. Originates from Killer Instinct

cOld: Spam term. Basically, "Seen it OVER 9000! times!".

Crag: A censor used by Digibutter. Inspired by the Cragnons in Chapter 5 of Super Paper Mario.

Dee Colon: A term that is used to replace the "D:" text emote. Originally created by Chaos Dimentio, with a little help from MALAK.

-'d: Added to a noun to make it a verb, like "banhammer'd" or "lag'd". Originated from Teen Girl Squad.

Epic: Another way of saying awesome.

Epic fail: The exact opposite of Epic Win.

Epic win: Something extremely epic.

FISSION MAILED: Corrupted form of "mission failed". Used when someone fails a mission. May be case-sensitive.

FlaviOWNED: Another version of Owned/PWNT used by Cult Flavio, which is usually accompanied by a crapilly-made MSPaint image that shows Flavio PWNing a person that either angered the creator of the image, or has been deemed a Horcrux.

Franis: A Francis smiley created by Maiq the Liar, and then named Franis by Mama Luigi. It is a huge meme on Digibutter.

Franish: An emoticon based on Maiq the Liar's Franis emoticon. Franish is the polar opposite of Franis.


  • For
  • The
  • Win



  • Get
  • The
  • F-ck
  • Out

Glomp: A tackle/hug.

  • Grab
  • Latch
  • On
  • Maintain
  • Pleasure

Hi-technical: Used to describe something extremely awesome. Originated from Francis of Chapter 3 in Super Paper Mario.

Horcrux: A word that originated from a spoiler from the final Harry Potter book. It is occasionally made fun of by saying "<insert name here> is a Horcrux", and then put in spoiler tags. This is also used by Cult Flavio as another way of calling their enemies.

It sank: Anything that ended up failing/being ignored. See fad: it sank

ITT: "In this topic..." Used in topic subjects to specify that one should post specific things there. Example: ITT: Post your Favorite Food

IMO: "In my opinion"

Lawl: Another way of saying "lol".


  • Laughing
  • Out
  • Loud.

Lol'd: Past tense of lol.

Lolwut: Used when a person is confused about something. Lord Bowser made Digibutter headlines and a mention in Digibutterwiki History when he used it. See LB said lolwut.

LOLWTF: A more expressive way of saying "Lolwut?"

Necropost: A reply to a topic that is over a month old. This is commonly done by newbies that stumble upon the "Digital Butterflies" forum, due to the fact that the board is deserted, leaving month-old topics on the first page.

[adjective] [noun] is [adjective]: A statement that emphasizes an aspect of something. The first adjective is reused at the end of the statement. Example: "Laggy forum is laggy." Can also be used as "[verb] [noun] is [verb]".

n00b: Newbie. If you needed someone to define this, you don't belong on Digibutter.


  • Oh
  • My
  • God

OMFGZ: A corrupted version of "OMG/OMFG".

OVER 9000!: Basically, it means any number bigger than 9000. Used as a measure of epicness, and originated from a scene in DBZ in which Vegeta's scouter reads an opponent's power level, which ends up being "OVER 9000!".

pen0r: A misspelling of pe*** that was used by members to bypass the swear filter. The word is currently censored. Meow Mixer posted a picture of a burnt pen0r and got benned.

PIE: A type of pastry that consists of an outer crust and a filling. Commonly blurted out at random, and also used by CBLuigi to "welcome" new members. Said case sensitive.

PIEM TARADOX: Corruption of "time paradox". Used when two RP characters of the same member help each other, or a future version of a member helps the present member.

pr0n: A misspelling of porn that was used by members to bypass the swear filter. The word is currently censored.


  • Romance
  • Thrills
  • Emotions
  • Money

Mainly used by Flavio.


  • Rolling
  • On
  • Floor
  • Laughing



  • Shut
  • The
  • F-ck
  • Up

Stuttering Peacock: An insult inspired by Flavio of Paper Mario 2. Used by Cult Flavio members, but mainly Flavio himself.

Techmoth.g33k: What will remain of digibutter.nerr once Franish conquers it...

what is this i don't even: A statement of total disbelief. Always used either all lowercase or all caps. In Off-Topic, can be the entire contents of a post, or a quoting of an above post followed by "what is this i don't even".


  • What
  • The
  • F**k

YTP: YouTube Poop.

You lol: A term with no meaning whatsoever that is used randomly to spam a topic. Started by Mama Luigi. Most recently spammed by Mama Mr. L. Not benable.

ZOMG: A corruption of OMG.

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