King Harkinian, also known as KH, King, Sweeney Jones, DeathlyH, Epic Elvendork, and Dr. Jones, is a user of Digibutter.nerr.
Fun Facts
  • Even though their username has KING in it, King Harkinian is a girl, dammit.
  • She has a massive obsession with Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Sweeney Todd.
  • For a time, she was tormented by various users on the Buttz. They have recently forgiven her.
  • She is in love with fellow user Pokemoneinstein, and thinks he's hot.
  • Recently revealed her favorite color was heliotrope, and went back to being like the old King, saying "Mah Boi" and talking about dinnar.
  • Now enjoys Back To The Future jokes, Toaster Rotom, and posting pictures of President Bush saying funny things from

Some important information:

From a post by Jr. Troopa:
I recently talked to King Harkinian, (She has given me permission to post the following about here) and it seems that she is undergoing quite some stress. While talking to her, I found out that she has Asperger syndrome (known as a type of Autism). Now, Asperger syndrome is characterized by

difficulties in social interaction and by restricted, stereotyped interests and activities. We may have seen King Harkinian discuss about Harry Potter:and Sweeney Todd, quite a lot. Asperger sydrome causes one to talk about the same things over and over. We've seen this with King Harkinian. After we talked some more, we decided that it would be best for King Harkinian to take a break for three days. She could use that time to cool off, and maybe some of her stress will be reduced. I hope that she does feel better, and may overcome the stress that she has received.

'KH's catchphrases
  • That's EPIC right thar babby
  • Indy's back, bitches.
  • My hat, bitch.
  • Mah boi!
  • Dinnar!
  • All Rotoms Toast Toast.
  • Great Scott!
  • 88 MILES PER HOUR!!!!!

King Harkinian's favorite things
  • Movie: Sweeney Todd. She is now rather fond of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Video Game: Brawl, Endless Ocean, and MK:Wii.
  • TV Show: differs every once in a while. Currently, it happens to be The Soup, Flapjack, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Total Drama Island.
  • Youtube Poop: Likes most YTPs, but favorites include What is Spaghetti? and Very Uncensored Winnie the Pooh.
  • AVGN: The Wizard of Oz (SNES), Superman 64, and the Indiana Jones Trilogy (2600, SNES)
  • Website: LiveJournal, Harry Potter wiki, and AVGN
  • SBEmail: for kids
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