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Mystery Maple

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The Mysterious Maple character that dresses in all black, wears sunglasses and uses only weapons from Maplestory that have to do with Maple. He was made as a plot devise when ITI found out about HHP's avatar changing from a Maple character to a Gaia TekTek. His main purpose at first was supposed to be some sort of cultist-like converter trying to make people become Maples. He is able to use Skills, Magic, and Abilities available in the game Maplestory regardless of class, basically a person referred to as a Hacker in the the game. He normally speaks in normal grey/black text, but during the plot where he is taken over by DP's darkness god he speaks in bold. He is also a type of trickster using anything from fake tears to "free" money to try and hurt, convert, or escape from you. He is a villain but can sometime be an anti-hero, sometimes he will help someone, especially if it is in his favor.

Who Is He? Edit

Mystery Maple's, nicknamed MM or Maple, identity was first show in the Topic "It's the return of the king" [1]. After he had reflected King Dedede's attack back at him he was mobbed by The Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Gordos, and the rest of Dedede's army. In the process of them pummeling him they tore off his cloak and glasses, revealing Noobie from the Maplores.

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